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City boards up Ming Sun Building to protect public

December 10 2013 Flooding due to cold weather results in building moving further into state of disrepair

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Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services (VFRS) was called out to the Ming Sun Building at 437-441 Powell Street at 6:00pm this evening after receiving a report that water was coming out of the building. Upon arrival, VFRS reported water flowing from the sprinkler pipes and six to eight inches of water on the main and second floors. The water valve was immediately shut off at the building to stop the flow of water.

City building inspectors determined that sprinkler pipes likely burst due to the cold weather; pipe joints were found to be coming apart in multiple locations. As the building has now moved further into a state of disrepair, and there continues to be evidence that the property owner has not adequately secured the building as ordered, the City ordered it be boarded up to prevent further access.

Community police officers will stay on scene until City engineers complete the board-up. City inspectors will return in the morning to assess the building.

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