City workers clearing snow

City continues 24/7 snow and ice removal efforts, warming shelters available for those sleeping outside

Staff on stand by for potential flooding response this weekend

January 16 2020 –

Overnight, temperatures ranged from -3° to 1° and crews continued focus on priority routes, including plowing in pairs to clear major roads of remaining snow. While the City was still dealing with slush on priority routes yesterday evening, there was minimal amounts of ice on the road as salting from the previous night/day yielded positive results. Crews this morning are on the routes spot-salt remaining problem areas and patrolling higher elevations.

The City's storm response is still focused on snow and ice today because of the potential for rain turning to ice once it hits the road surface. We once again have hundreds of staff clearing the sidewalks at curb ramps and bus stops. At the same time staff are clearing the catch basins in anticipation of any potential flooding over this weekend which has rain in the forecast.

Currently the City's total forecast expenditures on snow response is approximately $1.5 million, with approximately $500,000 spent on salt.

Temperatures will start to cool again in the afternoon with a few rain and wet snow showers developing with mainly damp/wet roads expected PM hours. At this time it looks like conditions will dry out after midnight tonight. The next snowfall is expected Friday evening/night through Saturday morning. Accumulations are anticipated to be washed away with rain by the end of the weekend.

Help prevent flooding

Looking ahead to the weekend, various groups within the Engineering department will be doing continued snow clearing response and flooding response, involving clearing of catch basins from snow. Residents are encouraged to clear catch basins near their properties over the next couple of days to help with mitigation of pooling water. When catch basins are not draining despite being cleared, the City will be actively responding to flooding calls. This is done in a priority sequence, with emergency situations getting first response.

As always, residents and business owners can play a big role in ensuring snow doesn't become hazardous for people with mobility challenges. It's important that snow is cleared promptly from walkways and sidewalks before it hardens to ice. We thank everyone for being proactive in clearing snow from their sidewalks before 10am after a snowfall.

Warming centres

Three warming centres are open every night through Friday, January 17:

  • Britannia Community Centre, 9pm - 8:30am
  • Powell Street Getaway, 9pm - 7am
  • Overdose Prevention Society, 11 pm - 8am

All are welcome and people can bring their carts and pets. People with their own bedding may choose to sleep at the centres and hot drinks and snacks are available.

The City and partners continue to provide additional extreme weather response (EWR) shelter spaces at six different locations (see details attached)

Carnegie Community Centre and Gathering Place will again open at 8am tomorrow to accommodate guests leaving EWR and warming centre sites. Residents are encouraged to contact 2-1-1 for shelter information.

View a full list of shelters (225 KB)