City coordinates expanded road work and street use ahead of summer

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March 7 2019 –
We're coordinating an upcoming busy season of road work and overall street use as we continue our key role in upgrading essential infrastructure while also accommodating a variety of third-party work, filming, and special events.
While summer is a busy time for construction given the longer days and good weather, many of this year’s City-led upgrades will start ahead of summer to ensure proper coordination with the additional work throughout the city. 
“Part of building a city we love is to ensure the proper functioning of the critical infrastructure we all depend on daily,” says Jerry Dobrovolny, General Manager of Engineering Services. “It’s also about enabling the many great special events spring and summer have to offer for residents, businesses, and visitors.”
This year, several projects will be underway as of April and May along north-south routes as a balance to last summer’s third-party work along the east-west arterial of 1st Avenue. These projects include critical sewer and water main upgrades such as those along Nanaimo Street and Boundary Road. 
Overall, the City plans to upgrade 16 km of street network, 9 km of water main, and 4 km of sewer main. 

Construction & Street Use update

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Major City projects

Other significant construction 

We also coordinate the activities of third-parties to develop traffic management plans and limit impacts on residents, businesses, and all road users.
  • Broadway Subway early works: phased construction to add trolley overhead infrastructure to streets adjacent to Broadway, including MacDonald St, 12th Ave, and portions of Cambie St, to help keep transit moving once subway construction starts in 2020
  • Oakridge Centre area improvements: utility upgrades around Oakridge Centre 

Congestion management strategy

In 2017, Vancouver became one of the few cities in North America to adopt a comprehensive congestion management strategy. As part of this strategy, we extended rush hour and bus lane regulations along Broadway and Hastings Street — changes which have shown improved travel times along the latter arterial.
We're looking forward to gleaning more results from the extended rush hour regulations and are reviewing additional arterials to explore potential changes where appropriate.

Upcoming special events

  • Vaisakhi Parade – April 13
  • Vancouver Sun Run – April 14
  • BMO Half Marathon – May 5
  • Car Free Day on Denman – June 15
  • Car Free Day on Main – June 16
  • Italian Day on the Drive – June 19
  • Greek Day – June 23
  • Scotiabank Half Marathon – June 23
  • Canada Day Celebrations and Parade – July 1
  • Car Free Day on the Drive – July 7
  • Khatsahlano Street Party – early-mid July
  • Global Relay – July 10
  • Celebration of Light - July 27 and 31, Aug 3
  • Pride Parade – Aug 4
  • Seawheeze – Aug 17
We encourage residents to enjoy the myriad of events throughout Vancouver this spring and summer, and we extend our thanks for everyone’s understanding and patience during the busy annual season of construction and street use.
Through our civic satisfaction survey, we heard that the maintenance of our street infrastructure is a top investment priority, and look forward to hearing more from residents and businesses as we build the next budget.
For information about traffic impacts, listen to your local radio station, check the VanConnect app, or visit our road-closure page to plan your route before you go.