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City crews collecting fall leaves; Ask you to help clear leaves from drains

October 26 2012

Prepare leaves for City of Vancouver collection programs

Rainy fall weather will blanket the city for much of the weekend and that could trigger clogged catch basins and local street flooding.

City of Vancouver crews are asking residents and businesses to help prevent street and property flooding by taking a few minutes to clear the leaves away from alley, street and curb-side drains.

Please place the leaves on the boulevard or in a location where they will not pose a slipping hazard for pedestrians. Please do not rake, blow, or toss leaves onto the street where they can become a traction and stopping hazard for cyclists and motorists.

Unlimited leaf collection until January 31st

Between now and Jan. 31, crews are collecting unlimited quantities of leaves from residences as part of the yard trimmings collection program. You can remove leaves from your sidewalk, boulevard, and property, and add them to your green (yard trimmings) cart.

If your cart is full, you can place extra leaves in a standard store-bought garbage can or in biodegradable paper bags. Staff are not able to pick up leaves that are set out in plastic bags, as they are not compostable.

Collected leaves are composted at the Vancouver Landfill, where they are turned into nutrient-rich compost that can be purchased by residential gardeners, commercial landscapers, and municipal park boards.

When temporary no-parking signs are posted, please be sure to move your vehicle from the street. If your vehicle is not moved, it may be towed a short distance. 

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Grow your garden

Compost piles at the Vancouver Landfill compost facility.

The City sells nutrient-rich compost that has been produced at the landfill using yard and garden waste.

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