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City crews prepare for snow fall

December 17 2015

Vancouver's West End with the snowy North Shore mountains

City crews are out today applying brine to arterial roads, priority hills, bridge decks, and bike routes across the city in preparation for freezing temperatures that are expected in the coming days.

As the temperatures drop, rain showers will turn to freezing rain or snow before they're expected to turn to back to rain mid-week.

Crews will monitor the weather forecast over the next few days and are ready to dispatch salting equipment as required, with 1,300 tonnes of salt ready.

Staff regularly monitor two major weather forecaster providers in order to have enough time to prepare our trucks and crews ahead of any storm.

Priority locations for snow and ice removal

When required, equipment is dispatched and a pre-salt or brine is applied to road surfaces. All the major roadways and bus routes, plus the 15 most heavily used bike routes and walkways are cleared on the first response.

To make the most of available resources, our first priority locations for snow and ice removal are:

  •   Bus routes
  •   Arterial roadways
  •   Collector roadways
  •   Bridges
  •   Major collector streets
  •   Emergency access routes (and five major hospitals)
  •   Bike lanes

Clear walkways by 10:00am morning after winter weather

Vancouver has experienced a lot of rain already this year and residents and businesses have been really great at getting ready and responding. As the temperatures drop as they are forecasted to, it is now time to also prepare for ice, slush and snow.

Please be mindful of your neighbours – especially the elderly and people with mobility challenges – and clear walkways of slippery leaves and snow and ice. City bylaws require that walkways must be cleared of ice, snow, and slush by 10:00am in the morning following any winter weather.

It is important not to shovel snow or place leaves out on to the road surface from drive ways.

Report non-emergency flooding on City streets and sidewalks

Download VanConnect

Download VanConnect Report online

Phone to report urgent issues 

To report urgent flooding, call 3-1-1.

Available equipment

We have the following equipment that can be deployed for snow and ice clearing:

  • 22 tandem dump trucks with plow and salter
  • 25 single-axle dump trucks (4.5-7 yard) with plow and salter
  • 4 single-axle dump trucks (1 yard) with plow and salter
  • 2 single-axle dump trucks (1 yard) with brine
  • 2 flusher trucks with brine
  • 15 backhoes
  • 2 loaders
  • 2 graders
  • 2 Bombardiers with plow for bridges
  • 2 Bobcats with snow blower
  • 2 Kubotas with sweeper / plow and slater / brine
  • 6 walk-behind snow blowers
  • 2 salt sheds (Manitoba & National)
  • 1 brine making facility (National)

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