2020 Community Sport Champion recipients

City expands sport accessibility through grant program

August 11 2020 –

Ten years after hosting the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, we are awarding $25,000 in grants to individuals and organizations making community sport more accessible.

The 2020 Community Sport Champions Recognition Program celebrates a group of local champions who are breaking barriers and paving the way for athletes with a developmental or physical disability to participate in community organized sports.

Each of the five organizations represented by these champions has been granted $5,000 from the Community Sport Hosting Grant program to support keeping community sport costs low and accessible.

2020 Community Sport Champions

  • Byron Green and Ryan Schweizer, Vancouver Wheelchair Rugby Club, for leading and creating a fun, supportive environment for people learning to play adaptive sports at the club’s practice sessions.
  • Jessica Chapelski, Special Olympics BC Figure Skating, for her commitment over 11 years as a volunteer coach, supporting athletes with intellectual disabilities to figure skate competitively provincially, nationally, and globally.
  • June Lum, Vancouver Speed Skating Club Special Olympics, for her volunteer contributions in helping the club grow and thrive, from fitting new athletes for boots and safety equipment, to recruiting new members to join.
  • Kristopher Hildebrand, Exceleration Triathlon and Multisport Society, for the society’s work in welcoming everyone, including children and youths with physical or neurological differences, to play sports in a non-judgmental environment.
  • Wilson Wong, Special Olympics BC Vancouver Chapter, for his achievements as co-local coordinator in leading the local’s strategic direction, organizing tournaments, and keeping programs accessible to athletes with intellectual disabilities.

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The Community Sport Champions Recognition Program

The Community Sport Champions Recognition Program is an annual Vancouver Community Sport Hosting Grant that recognizes and celebrates citizens who are making sport accessible in our community. 

This program offers grants to advance the efforts and accomplishments of residents and organizations who deliver sport and physical activity to make a positive impact in our community, while aligning with City Council’s key priority areas, including but not limited to, gender equity, reconciliation, and affordability.