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City hosts open houses on proposed zoning changes and design guidelines to implement incentives city-wide

May 30 2017 Residents invited to discuss character home retention in single-family neighbourhoods

A character home in Shaughnessy
Photograph by Google

We are opening conversations with the public this week on proposed incentives to retain pre-1940 character homes in single-family neighbourhoods (RS zones) across the city.

Asking for public input

As part of the Character Home Zoning Review, City staff provided an update to Council in May summarizing public feedback and presenting ideas for proposed zoning changes and design guidelines to implement incentives city-wide.

We are now going back out to the public to seek input on those specific proposals.

Some of the ideas that will be discussed with residents include allowing owners of character homes the option to:

  • Access further floor area for additions
  • Convert their homes into a multi-unit residence
  • Add infill housing in the rear yard (which could be strata titled)

No changes to zoning for new house construction are proposed at this time.

Learn more about the Character Home Zoning Review

12,000 pre-1940 homes could be eligible for incentives

It is estimated that approximately 12,000 pre-1940 homes (18 per cent of all 66,000 RS-zoned homes in Vancouver) could qualify for the incentives.

Each individual home would need to be assessed to determine if it retains sufficient character merit before qualifying for the incentives.

Houses built in or after 1940 that have architectural merit and retain original and distinctive character features may also qualify for the incentives.

Forming a new housing strategy

We are currently forming a new housing strategy for Vancouver and have identified an urgent need for family housing. Research has shown an estimated gap of 9,700 family units, meaning more than double the amount of new family housing currently projected for construction is needed by 2026 to ensure families have the room to grow and thrive in the city.

The new dwelling units created through the proposed character home retention incentives could become rental units or potentially strata-titled and sold, thereby creating new housing opportunities for more families in neighbourhoods across the city.

Attend an open house and complete our questionnaire

Residents who are interested in character home retention or new housing opportunities in single-family zones are invited to attend one of the following open houses to review the proposed incentives and draft design guidelines.

May 30 5:00pm to 8:00pm May 31 5:00pm to 8:00pm

City staff expect to return to Council with the results of the public engagement and recommended zoning amendments and design guidelines in July.

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