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City launches online survey to gauge public opinion on liquor policies

April 14 2016

West End Farmers Market

Whether you're a non-drinker, enjoy the occasional glass of wine, or are a regular at your neighbourhood pub, we want to hear your opinions for the first comprehensive review of our liquor policies.

We're launching an online questionnaire today to gather your views on how liquor is served, produced, and sold in Vancouver.

Your feedback will help shape the Vancouver Liquor Strategy which will inform new or revised approaches to liquor. The survey will be open until May 15, 2016.

Take the questionnaire

Types of liquor policies we're reviewing

We're reviewing municipal liquor regulations so that enjoying beer, wine, and spirits is well-balanced with health, safety, and community fit. The Province of BC recently made changes to provincial liquor policies. We're now looking at our policies, too, such as:

  • Where and when liquor is sold, made, or served
  • Size and type of venues that serve liquor
  • Rules for liquor on patios
  • Supporting no- or low-liquor entertainment options

Talk to us in person about the review

We'll be at two upcoming Pop-Up City Hall events to answer your questions about the liquor policy review and offer you the opportunity to complete a questionnaire.

What's next

Following the initial spring consultations with the public and stakeholders, we'll evaluate feedback and develop draft liquor policy options. After further consultation on the draft policy, final recommendations will be presented to Council for consideration.