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City launches public performance dashboard with 65 key metrics

February 28 2020 –

The public can now see how the City is performing against 65 key metrics in six categories on its new, online dashboard called VanDashboard.

The metrics represent a wide variety of City services provided, as well as monitoring of key issues.

Examples include:

  • Fire incident response times
  • Number of calls for police service
  • Processing of permits for affordable housing development
  • Service Centre wait times
  • Water consumed per capita

Where possible, targets have been set and performance is measured against those targets. Many of the metrics are updated quarterly, while others are yearly measures.

The public can also drill down into the historical data for each metric and, using the City’s Open Data Portal, can sort and view the data as they wish.

Visit VanDashboard

The City plans to update the dashboard with new metrics over time, based on public feedback. The public can ask questions or provide their feedback via the “Contact us” button at the bottom of the VanDashboard landing page.