Jessie Adcock

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General manager of Development, Buildings, and Licensing

Jessie Adcock most recently served as City of Vancouver’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). She joined the City as Chief Digital Officer in 2013, becoming the first individual to hold such a role in a Canadian public sector organization.

Jessie has led the City’s multi-year digital strategy implementation and technology transformation helping establish processes for navigating an era of rapidly developing new technologies that are changing cities globally. In 2016, Jessie took on an expanded role as the City’s Chief Technology Officer, including a mandate for the transformation of our information technology function.

Prior to transitioning into public sector, Jessie held global roles on technology, marketing, operations and digital teams, in the financial services and telecommunications sectors.

The City’s transformation efforts have been globally recognized, most recently winning the IT World 2018 Digital Transformation Award and leading to Jessie being named a finalist for 2018 Canadian CIO of the Year. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and an MBA.

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