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City looks for opinions on types of signs in Vancouver

August 18 2016 Public input will help shape look and feel of city

Vancouver, Canada - February 18, 2010: Granville street entertainment district at night during the Winter Olympics

Signs are all around us, on our buildings, streets, and landscapes. Because they play a prominent role in our environment and have an impact on everyone, we are looking for your input on a review and update of the Sign Bylaw. 

Since the Sign Bylaw was first adopted in 1989, Vancouver has grown and changed, and technology has advanced.

Online survey

Share your views and help shape the look and feel of Vancouver through our online survey on:

  • Different types of signs
  • The ways they’re used
  • Their impact on the city

The survey ends on September 18, 2016.

What's coming up next

In the first phase of the review, input gathered from the survey will help update the Sign Bylaw which primarily regulates signage on private property.

Our regulations, policies, and processes will be updated to:

  • Reflect best practices
  • Help ensure good signage
  • Introduce new types of signs
  • Make it easier for businesses and stakeholders to understand and work within the rules.

The updated Sign Bylaw will be presented to Council late this year for adoption.

Your feedback from this survey will also inform a review of advertising signs through a second phase of work in 2017, which will look at the role of billboards, digital and transit shelter ads, as well as other types of ads.