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Empty Homes Tax begins third year

Declarations open November 6 for February 4 deadline

November 5 2019 –

Our Empty Homes Tax 2019 tax year declaration period opens Wednesday, November 6, 2019. Each year, owners must submit a property status declaration to the City―even if they live in their home.

How to declare

Instructions to declare are being mailed to property owners with their advance property tax notices over the next few weeks. Only one declaration per property is required. 

Declarations are due by February 4, 2020.


Get online access to your account

To receive your Empty Homes Tax (EHT) notice by email or to access your account electronically:

Sign up for online services

Benefits to having an online account

In addition to having better access to your tax information, including if you are away for vacation or winter, when you sign up for online services you will receive these additional benefits:

  • Access your files anywhere you have internet access, 24/7
  • Receive paperless tax notices by email
  • Get your current property tax, Empty Homes Tax (Vacancy Tax), and utility balances
  • View your past bills and payment history
  • Find out if you claimed your Home Owner Grant
  • Track your utility consumption history
  • Submit your annual property status declaration

Late EHT declarations for 2018 – now by Notice of Complaint

If you missed making your late declaration for the 2018 tax year by October 23, 2019, you must now submit a Notice of Complaint by December 31 if you wish to contest your Empty Homes Tax bill.

Most (99.7%) of Vancouver’s property owners made their Empty Homes Tax declaration for 2018 by October 31 – the vast majority of those declared before the original February 4 deadline. However, there are still 523 properties missing a declaration for the 2018 tax year.

What is the Empty Homes Tax

Our Empty Homes Tax was put in place to encourage more property owners to make their unoccupied properties available for rent. Homes that are declared or determined to be vacant are taxed at a rate of 1% of the property’s assessed taxable value for that tax year. The revenue from the tax continues to be used to fund affordable housing initiatives in the city.

Empty Homes Tax separate from the Speculation and Vacancy Tax

Our Empty Homes Tax is separate from the provincial government’s Speculation and Vacancy Tax; enquiries regarding the province’s tax may be directed to the province  or by calling 1-833-554-2323.