Two ferries in water approaching ferry dock

City opens new and improved ferry dock in False Creek

"With this new dock we're following through on our commitment to more accessible facilities.

Deputy Mayor Sarah Kirby-Yung.

March 6 2020 –

We have completed construction on a new and improved ferry dock at Sunset Beach next to the Vancouver Aquatic Centre. As of this morning, False Creek Ferries is once again using the dock to shuttle passengers across False Creek.

About the new dock

Construction on the new dock began in November 2019, replacing a structure that had been in use since the early 1980s and had reached its end of service life. The new dock:

  • Increases overall usability
  • Meets green design goals
  • Improves accessibility for everyone, including people using mobility aids and wheelchairs

"We're excited to re-open this connection point within False Creek," says Deputy Mayor Sarah Kirby-Yung. "With this new dock we're following through on our commitment to more accessible facilities. And with its expandable and resilient design, the dock is ready for greater ferry demand and for the more severe weather we expect to see as a result of climate change."

Features of the new dock

  • Upgraded lighting along the gangways, platforms, and ferry float, designed to minimize glare on adjacent areas and marine life
  • A new shelter for ferry passengers and dock users
  • Increased capacity for ferries and small boats during low tide conditions, including a dingy moorage space which will be available for up to three hours at a time
  • Steel piles, aluminum platforms, and gangways for added overall resilience
  • New space for public watercraft users

City ferry docks

We manage a total of eight ferry docks. The new Aquatic Centre Dock replaces one of the oldest and most popular docks in the False Creek passenger ferry system. Approximately 90,000 ferries launch for the dock each year. The new dock is expected to have a service life of 50 years and came with a total construction cost of $1,300,000.