Will Stroet playing guitar

City partners with celebrated children’s musicians to inspire traffic safety for all

Families of all ages need to feel connected to the people and places where they live. They need to safely explore all the fascinating areas of their city, town or community.

Charlotte Diamond

May 31 2019 –

Residents may find themselves boogying to a catchy, new tune – all in the spirit of traffic safety for all modes of transportation. 

Commissioned by the City, Grandma on the Move, features award-winning children’s entertainers, Will Stroet of Will’s Jams and the enduring Charlotte Diamond, with an aim to inspire safe, courteous, and mindful road behaviour, particularly for our most vulnerable and at-risk groups. 

“Writing Grandma on the Move was really fun because I love creating songs about biking, driving, walking, and riding transit, which are all things I enjoy doing in our city” says Will Stroet. “I live in a multigenerational home with my parents, wife and two girls, and we do all these things to get around town. When I get home, I feel even more motivated to bike, walk, or run around this beautiful city we are blessed to call home. Happy travels!”

“This is an important project!” says Charlotte Diamond. “Families of all ages need to feel connected to the people and places where they live. They need to safely explore all the fascinating areas of their city, town or community. Just walk out the door and begin your journey of urban exploration. Become a Grandma or Grandpa on the Move!”

Song and activity colouring book

The song is also accompanied by an activity colouring book for kids aged 5-12. The book will be distributed to various Vancouver School Board elementary schools as a resource for those involved in traffic safety programs.

Download the activity colouring book and to stream the video

The five 'Es' of safety

“Our team follows the five ‘Es’ as traffic safety engineers: engineering, evaluation, education, encouragement, and enforcement,” shares Lacey Hirtle, Senior Civil Engineer with the City of Vancouver. “As we continue to design safer streets through engineering and evaluation, we also explore opportunities for education and encouragement by working with partners. It was actually a small but clever comment from my daughter that sparked this important and exciting initiative to collaborate with Will and Charlotte, and we hope everyone can partner with us to help spread the message of safety.”

Will’s Jams at the Children’s Festival

Both the young and young-at-heart can catch Will Stroet live at the Children’s Festival on June 1, where Charlotte Diamond will also be making a special appearance. 

Moving Toward Zero – our transportation safety action plan 

People are extra vulnerable when they are walking and cycling, and account for 65% of transportation-related fatalities and serious injuries each year. Seniors are involved in 40% of fatalities and 22% of serious injuries, while they represent 14% of the population. 

Compared to peer cities, fatality rates in Vancouver are low but there is still room for improvement as even one fatality is too many.

Improving transportation safety 

In recent years, the City has taken several steps to improve transportation safety, and uses collision data from a variety of sources to identify:

  • Key safety issues
  • Prioritize intersections and corridors in need of detailed safety assessments
  • Develop effective safety strategies
  • Monitor progress

Find information about our transportation safety action plan