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City plans street use for busy construction and special event season

April 27 2016

Road barricades around a construction site

Summer is a busy time for construction work and special events, as long days and good weather allow work to happen more quickly.

We are planning in advance to coordinate activities to minimize impacts on traffic while ensuring construction work and special events can take place during the sunny season. 

A key role for us is to ensure infrastructure – such as streets, sewers, and water mains – are kept in good condition.

Major city projects this summer 

Burrard Corridor (Davie to 16th Avenue) 

What will be upgraded along the corridor

  • Water and sewer replacement
  • Redesign of the intersection at Burrard/Pacific, bridge rehabilitation, and upgrades

Impact to traffic

  • There will be lane reductions along the route throughout the project
  • At least one lane in each direction will always be open between Davie and Broadway
  • Some full closures planned between Broadway and 16th Avenue 

Pender Street water main (Seymour to Gore)

What will be upgraded along Pender

Replacement of 70-100 year old water main. Final section of work currently underway. 

Impact to traffic

Pender is closed to westbound traffic, open one lane eastbound.

SW Marine Drive (Granville to Camosun)

What will be upgraded along SW Marine Drive 

  • Routine upgrades including:
    • Sewer separation
    • Road rehabilitation
    • Update of existing bike and pedestrian facilities

Impact to traffic

  • Full closure in effect starting May 2
  • Local traffic will be maintained
  • Truck traffic will be rerouted to 41st Avenue
  • Through traffic will be rerouted locally

The project has been timed for the season when traffic volumes are at their lowest on this route. 

Downtown bike network upgrades (Beatty, Cambie, Smithe, and Nelson)

What will be upgraded along the downtown bike network

  • Upgrades to complete connections
  • Upgrades to enhance safety in the downtown bike lane network for people of all ages and abilities

Impact to traffic

Some lane reductions during construction. 

Street activities that may affect traffic 

In addition to the work we will be doing, we will coordinate with others to limit the impact of street use on you.

This summer, we anticipate street use from:

  • 130 major development sites
  • 80 tower cranes
  • 40 locations per month for Telus utility upgrades
  • 125 special events (number of permits received to date) 
  • 24 productions (currently proposed), including:
    • Features
    • Movies of the week
    • Series
    • Commercials
    • Documentaries
    • Indie

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