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City preparing for next snowfall

December 16 2016

Vancouver's West End with the snowy North Shore mountains

We have the crews and supplies at the ready to handle the next snowfall expected to arrive Saturday night and early on Sunday.

The current forecast is for snow flurries starting late Saturday night turning to rain, which could be heavy.

Please check that catch basins near your home are clear of leaves, snow, and ice to help prevent flooding.

How we respond to snow and ice

We plow priority routes: major roads, bus routes, bridges, emergency access routes, and the most used bike routes and walkways.

Our response to snowy or icy roads depends on the weather conditions:

  • When streets are dry, trucks spray brine which helps to melt any snow that may fall or frost that forms.
  • When snow accumulates and streets are wet, salt is spread to melt the snow. In lower sub-zero temperatures, sand may also be used for traction.
  • If there is 5 cm or more of snowfall, all brine and salt trucks are equipped with a plow blade which can be put into service immediately.

Our crews can spray brine over more area in less time with two new brine units that cover more street surface in one pass. So far this winter, we have used more than 230,000 litres of brine and 5,172 tonnes of salt. We continue to receive more salt deliveries to meet the demands of the winter weather.

Clear snow and ice from your sidewalk 

Vancouver property owners and occupants (tenants) are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks that surround their property by 10:00am the morning following a snowfall.

Need assistance?

If you're unable to clear your sidewalks, request help from a City Snow Angel, a group of volunteers who help seniors or people with mobility challenges. Use the VanConnect app or call 3-1-1 to request a Snow Angel.

Be a Snow Angel

The registration process is quick and easy. Once registered, you receive requests from our Snow Angel coordinator to clear snow and ice from neighbours' sidewalks.

Register to be a Snow Angel

Report street flooding, access, safety, and maintenance issues

Use VanConnect anytime to report snow causing flooding, issues with transit shelter access, un-cleared sidewalks, and any other street maintenance issues.

Download VanConnect

Learn more about preparing for winter weather