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City recommends ban of edibles from medical marijuana retail stores

June 11 2015

Vancouver City Hall

The City of Vancouver has reviewed the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in R. v. Smith which declares the Federal Government’s ban on the possession of edible marijuana products by those holding medical authorizations for the use of medical marijuana to be unconstitutional.

Edible products are being sold in the form of candies and baked goods, which appeal to children.

Evidence in the U.S. is that wider availability of these products is causing increased poisonings in children, and we want to prevent this from occurring here in Vancouver.

Unregulated edible products also pose a greater risk to adults than other forms of marijuana.

City staff and Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Patricia Daly have recommended to Council that all edible products, with the exception of oils, be banned from medical marijuana retail stores.

The sale of oils allows individuals to create their own edibles and the proposed regulations don't compromise the individual’s right to access edible medical marijuana.

We're currently conducting a public hearing to consider bylaw amendments that would affect the regulation of retail marijuana-related businesses.