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City releases Development Cost Levies audit report

May 8 2017

Vancouver City Hall

Today, the City of Vancouver released the results of its review of the Development Cost Levies (DCL) waivers that have been issued since 2009 as well as the compliance audit report conducted by KPMG of that review.

Initial report

On December 8, 2016, the City's Chief Risk Officer issued an initial report, "Review of DCL Waiver Issue for the Charleson Project"  (264 KB)

As a follow-up, the City's Internal Audit branch was directed to conduct a thorough compliance audit of these projects, following the City's investigation into the DCL waiver issue. KPMG was also engaged to conduct a peer review of the internal audit plan and report.


The internal audit report found that all 29 projects were verified to have met the criteria for the DCL waiver. Additionally, the waiver relating to the Charleson Project was confirmed as an exception, in line with the Chief Risk Officer's report's findings.

To effectively manage the DCL waiver process, the City needs to establish clear ownership and responsibilities, as well as formalize the business process. Management has committed to strengthening approval processes and documentation of waiver criteria. Recommendations and management action items are found in the audit report.

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