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City reports out on Arbutus Greenway temporary path consultation and design

October 18 2016

Arbutus Greenway illustration

The continued construction of a safe, comfortable, and accessible temporary path along the route of the future Arbutus Greenway will resume soon following consultation to seek input on path design options.

About the temporary path

We held an information session on October 15 to share the design for the temporary path  (4 MB) and how the input received through the engagement process shaped the design.

The Arbutus Greenway temporary path will be completed in five distinct sections that take the available space, local context, and public input into consideration. 

Some sections of the the path will:

  • Consist of asphalt only
  • Have both asphalt and a parallel bark mulch trail for those who prefer to run or walk on a softer surface

The width of the paved asphalt path will range from four to five metres, with painted lines or space in between to separate those walking from those cycling or rollerblading

What we've heard

Our engagement process included five facilitated workshops in September attended by more than 350 people. We also received more than 560 emails and a number of written comment sheets.

Four of our Council Advisory Committees were also consulted:

  • Seniors
  • Active Transportation Policy Council
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Children, Youth, and Families

We consistently heard that safety and accessibility were fundamental considerations for the temporary path; compared to those who opposed the use of asphalt, more than three times as many people wrote or called in to express their support for asphalt or a smooth, fully accessible surface.

A usable path by the end of 2016

Our goal is to have a usable path along the greenway by the end of 2016. Ongoing improvements will continue next year, including the installation of benches. We will also explore options for lighting and other amenities along the temporary path.

Further consultation and construction

Public consultation on the design for the future Arbutus Greenway is planned to start in early December. Construction of the permanent greenway will likely begin in 2019.

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