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City responds to rainfall warning

February 5 2015


With a rainfall warning in effect in Vancouver, City crews are scheduled to work through the day to respond to calls related to flooding.

We will continue to watch the weather forecast and have plans to protect areas with the potential for flooding. City crews will work throughout the day to clear blocked catch basins, starting with main arterials.

Help prevent flooding

Weather patterns are unpredictable and storms such as this can exceeded the design capacity of our original combined sewer systems, built prior to the 1980s. Root clogs and pipe deterioration or failure can also cause flooding.

To help reduce flooding in your area, please clear catch basins (street drains) of leaves.

Flooding can be reported by phoning 3-1-1 so crews can respond quickly.

How to help prevent flooding

Leaks, flooding, and drainage

We use a combination of drainage strategies to reduce the risk of flooding in homes, businesses, properties, and public areas.