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City staff proactively prepare for King Tide

December 19 2014

City staff proactively prepare for King Tide

In anticipation of high tides throughout the holiday season, City of Vancouver staff have taken a proactive approach to protect and prepare neighbourhoods from potential flooding. Staff will monitor weather and impacts of rising water.

On Wednesday, December 10, City staff created a sandbag berm along the lowest-lying areas near Locarno Beach after an assessment of vulnerable areas along NW Marine Drive. The berm is expected to remain in place until mid-January, when the high tides should recede.

Tides to reach their highest levels December 25

King Tides are extreme high tide events that happen twice a year, but are typically more dramatic in the winter. If there are heavy rains and high winds during the King Tide phase, the risk of flooding increases.

Help prevent flooding

Remember to check drainage areas around your property and clear catch basins to help prevent flooding.

Gather leaves on your property and sidewalks for collection in your City Green Bin and store-bought garbage bins and paper yard-waste bags. The City is collecting additional leaves during January.

To report flooding problems, phone 3-1-1. Our 3-1-1 Contact Centre will be open December 25 and January 1.

How to help prevent flooding

Leaks, flooding, and drainage

We use a combination of drainage strategies to reduce the risk of flooding in homes, businesses, properties, and public areas.

Prepare leaves for City of Vancouver collection programs

Seasonal leaf collection

Put leaves into your Green Bin for collection. If you have extra, add them to paper yard waste bags for pickup on designated weekends in fall and winter.