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City streets in high use for fun, community, and creativity this August

August 11 2017 Use vancouver.ca/roadwork to plan ahead

Block party table with food and water

Summer event and filming are in full swing at the City with more than 81 events and 70 productions planning to use portions of Vancouver’s streets in August.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to participate in the festivities and to plan ahead when travelling around the City.

200 street based events and close to 100 block parties

As of the end of July 2017, 200 street based events and close to 100 block parties will have received permits to take place on streets throughout Vancouver this year.

Events such as this weekend’s Lululemon Seawheeze ½ Marathon and next weekend’s inaugural Our City Ride have routes through several neighbourhoods and parks.

Assisted by VPD, event routes are carefully managed to ensure impacted streets are not closed longer than necessary.

Travellers can check special event websites for estimated times of re-openings at various points along the routes. 

70 productions filming in Vancouver

Feature film, TV and commercial filming have exceeded August 2016 levels with 70 productions filming in Vancouver.

Vancouver has a long-standing film and TV industry that is a major contributor to the economy. This industry is a priority sector in Vancouver’s Economic Action Strategy, and the City recognizes the economic and social benefits that it brings to our residents. More than 80% of BC film and television, production companies, and associated enterprises are located in Metro Vancouver.

Annually, the film industry spends $2 billion in BC and over $120 million in payroll for Vancouver residents alone. In January, Movie Maker magazine tied Vancouver with New York as the “number 1 place to live and work as a moviemaker in 2017.”

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are encouraged to follow directions on changeable message boards and public signage. Local access for residents is maintained during filming and most special events.  

Upcoming events

The City extends its thanks to residents and visitors for their consideration and patience during the use of streets for filming and special events. 

Plan your route

If you are travelling through downtown and worried about potential impacts from filming or special events, plan your route before you go: