City suspends business licence, checks nearly 7,000 establishments for emergency order compliance

March 27 2020 –

We have suspended the business licence of the Tim Hortons operating at 108 W Pender Street due to violations of our orders and those of the provincial health officer that:

  • Limit the number of persons allowed in a restaurant
  • Restrict restaurants to take out and delivery service

The suspension is authorized by section 277 of the Vancouver Charter, because the failure to comply is considered to be “gross misconduct.”

Our property use inspectors visited the site on four different occasions and issued several warnings. The business licence was suspended on March 26, 2020. The suspension will be in effect for three days.

Businesses must follow orders to help protect us all from coronavirus

Property use inspectors have visited over 5,800 restaurants and 1,000 personal care facilities since March 20, and will continue to do so to ensure compliance with our orders and those of the provincial health officer to help combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our 3-1-1 Contact Centre has received 69 complaints about restaurants and 11 about personal service establishments such as salons, which were ordered closed by the provincial health officer.

Individuals and businesses found to be in violation of a City order issued under the State of Emergency By-law are liable for fines of up to $50,000. To date, we have not issued any tickets for such violations. 

Thank you to the restaurants who are cooperating

We are pleased to see how responsive restaurant owners have been to date and thank the vast majority of businesses that are taking the directions from us and public health officials seriously.

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