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City to seek new partnerships for Public Bike Share System

June 11 2015

Public bike share in Montreal

In the coming weeks, we will initiate a new procurement process for a Public Bike Share Program (PBS).

The request will seek bids from proponents to provide, implement, and operate a bike share system.

This process will provide an opportunity to consider new proponents and new cycling and business technology related to bike share. 

We remain committed to a public bike share program as a healthy transportation option, with many global cities demonstrating how public bike share systems can help:

  • Extend the reach of transit and walking trips
  • Reduce the need for personal vehicle trips
  • Further increase cycling ridership

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Selecting a proponent

In April 2011, we issued a Request for Expressions Of Interest (RFEOI) where Alta was selected as preferred proponent. We had a number of conditions, which included:

  • Securing sponsorship
  • Securing third party financing
  • Developing an integrated helmet-supply system

During this same timeframe, both Alta and their partner BIXI have undergone major restructuring and corporate change.  

As a result of these issues, we and Motivate (formerly Alta) have not reached agreement and no funds have flowed to the company.

Recently, significant evolution and innovation has occurred in public bike share industry, including new proponents, technologies and operating models – through which we expect to achieve significant cost efficiencies.

Bike sharing supports our objectives

Our goal is to ensure the best possible system is implemented at the best possible value.

A public bike share system will add a convenient, comfortable, flexible, and affordable way to cycle in Vancouver.

Public bike share aligns with the our Transportation 2040 Plan and Greenest City 2020 Action Plan objectives of making cycling a viable, safe, and sustainable transportation option.

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Dunsmuir bike lane, © Paul Krueger

Transportation 2040 Plan

Our Transportation 2040 Plan provides a vision for how people and goods will move in and around Vancouver for the next 30 years.