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City to transfer recycling collection to MMBC

November 17 2015

Recycling boxes and bag

Following today’s Council decision, the City will begin transitioning residential recycling collection directly to Multi-Material BC (MMBC).

The transition will take place by the end of 2016

Council also directed staff to report back on City-delivered programs that:

  • Enhance public realm cleanliness
  • Reduce overflowing litter cans
  • Improve service response time

Throughout most of the province, residential recycling collection is financed by MMBC, a non-profit industry-led organization that assumed responsibility for managing residential packaging and printed paper recycling on behalf of industry.

Since MMBC was created in May 2014, the City has provided residential recycling collection services under contract to MMBC.

The City will smoothly transition collection services to MMBC by the end of 2016. Check vancouver.ca/recycle for updates on the transition.

The transition opens new opportunities for important zero waste programs

“The recommendation to fully transition recycling collection was made after careful assessment of MMBC’s capacity to provide recycling to Vancouver residents and the opportunity for the City to then redirect the associated resources to other high priority programs,” says Jerry Dobrovolny, general manager of engineering for the City of Vancouver.

“Over the last 20 years, Vancouver residents have made considerable progress towards reducing waste generated within the city. The opportunity to fund other high priority programs, such as litter prevention and collection, abandoned and illegally dumped waste, and new recycling initiatives, are critical to the success of achieving our Greenest City Zero Waste goals.”

Waste reduction and recycling are critical to the success of achieving the goals and targets of the Greenest City Action Plan. Vancouver has already made significant progress towards its Greenest City Zero Waste goals. Since 2008, the City has reduced by 18% the amount of solid waste disposed to a landfill or incinerator.

MMBC will finance recycling collection through industry fees

MMBC manages recycling collection services on behalf of its member organizations, which pay fees based on how much packaging and printed paper they supply into the BC market. The cost of the recycling service will be financed by MMBC instead of through municipal utility fees.