A pedestrian holding an umbrella in rainy weather.

City urges caution on the roads with darker days, rain, and more people commuting

Traffic collisions involving pedestrians increase significantly at this time of year – notably at intersections.

Paul Storer, Director of Transportation

November 5 2021 –

This weekend, we turn our clocks back one hour to mark the end of Daylight Savings Time, which means shortened daylight hours.

We encourage all residents to stay safe during these wetter, darker months and are urging people to drive carefully and to watch for people travelling on foot or by bicycle. 

“Traffic collisions involving pedestrians increase significantly at this time of year – notably at intersections,” says Paul Storer, Director of Transportation.

“We saw a decrease in collisions involving pedestrians in 2020, but we are seeing an increase this year, including fatalities, as more people are returning to their regular activities again. It’s important to take extra time and travel carefully and respectfully as we all work to navigate the change in time and weather.”

Quick facts

  • Collisions involving pedestrians are more frequent between 3pm and 8pm and during hours of darkness in winter months
  • Pedestrians are involved in less than 2% of all traffic collisions, yet account for 60% of all traffic fatalities in Vancouver
  • 79% of pedestrian collisions occur at intersections, mainly when vehicles are turning left or right

Tips for everyone

  • Obey all traffic signs and signal
  • Watch for other road users making unexpected moves
  • Make eye contact with other road users, if you are able. If you cannot make eye contact, assume they cannot see you
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Remove your headphones; put away your mobile device or other distractions
  • Always check that the intersection is clear and that other road users see you before proceeding
  • Consider how visible you are – always use lights when driving or cycling after dark and consider bright, reflective clothing or a light while walking at night

It’s vital that motorists turn on their headlights, heed the speed limit, and approach crosswalks and intersections with caution.

Find more safety tips based on how you are travelling

How residents can help keep our streets safe

  • Use VanConnect or call 3-1-1. We appreciate any assistance from residents in reporting non-emergency flooding on City streets and sidewalks, fallen tree branches, or other issues
  • Report traffic or pedestrian signal issues
  • Report street light issues
  • Request sidewalk repairs
  • Request sign repairs
  • Report downed power lines to 911 and BC Hydro, 1-888-POWER-ON