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City urges property owners to sign up for eBilling

Tax notices may be delayed by rotating postal strikes

November 16 2018 –

The City is urging property owners to sign up for an eBilling account to ensure they are able to manage their tax accounts online in the event of further postal disruptions, including making their Empty Homes Tax declaration for the 2018 tax year.

Avoid payment delays and penalties

More than 240,000 advance property tax notices are being sent to homeowners this month, and mail delivery could be delayed due to rotating postal strikes. Property owners who manage their tax payments online will avoid delays in payment and the associated penalties.

Sign up or update your eBilling account

Make your 2018 Empty Homes Tax declaration

Homeowners don't have to wait to receive their advance property tax notice to make their Empty Homes Tax declaration.

Folio and account numbers needed to make a declaration are listed on any previous tax notice or you can request your information by using the VanConnect app or by calling 3-1-1.

Make your declaration online

 Declarations are due by February 4, 2019.

Learn more about the Empty Homes Tax

Benefits of eBilling

In addition to giving property owners better access to their tax information, including if they are away for the winter, those who sign up for eBilling receive these additional benefits:

  • Access your files anywhere you have internet access
  • Receive paperless tax notices by email
  • Get your current property tax, Empty Homes Tax (Vacancy Tax), and utility balances
  • View your past bills and payment history
  • Find out if you claimed your home owner grant
  • Track your utility consumption history
  • Submit your annual property status declaration