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City’s annual leaves collection underway

October 20 2014

Raking leaves

The City’s annual pick up of leaves is underway. From October 1 to January 31, we collect unlimited quantities of leaves from residences that receive our Green Bin collection service.

Please clear leaves from sidewalks, boulevards, and your property and place them in your Green Bin.

What to do with your extra leaves

If your Green Bin is full, place extra leaves in standard store-bought garbage bins or paper yard waste bags. Crews don't collect leaves in plastic bags of any kind.

You can set out extra bins and bags of leaves for pick up on your scheduled Green Bin collection day over the next several months. 

View your collection schedule

At times, crews may be delayed collecting extra leaves in some neighbourhoods with large amounts of leaves. Please leave the extra leaves out as crews return as soon as possible to finish collection.

Leaves and other yard trimmings can also be dropped off for composting at the:

  • Vancouver South Transfer Station located at 377 West Kent Ave North
  • Vancouver Landfill located at 5400 72nd Street in Delta

What happens to the leaves that are collected

Collected leaves are turned in to nutrient-rich compost at the Vancouver Landfill. This compost can be purchased by residential gardeners, commercial landscapers, and municipalities.

During street cleaning, please move your vehicle

City crews also clear streets of leaves throughout this period. If temporary "no parking" signs are posted on one side of the street, please move your vehicle to the opposite side before 7:00am on the date listed on the sign. This lets crews do a better job of clearing your street of leaves.

How you can prevent flooding caused by leaves

Leaves that build up around storm drains can create street flooding safety issues for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Please remove leaves from catch basins to helps prevent street flooding during the fall and winter months.

View guidelines on the City’s leaf collection service

Prepare leaves for City of Vancouver collection programs

Seasonal leaf collection

Put leaves into your Green Bin for collection. If you have extra, add them to paper yard waste bags for pickup on designated weekends in fall and winter.

How we remove leaves from city streets

Leaves being cleared from the street

Leaf removal from City streets

City crews remove leaves from streets on a regular basis from November to January. Please move your vehicle during street cleaning.