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Community benefits from development: improving neighbourhoods and enabling affordable housing in Vancouver

January 21 2015

The City maintains drinking and decorative fountains.

Today, City staff presented to Council the "2013 Annual Report on Community Amenity Contributions and Density Bonusing". It contains details of the public benefits that have contributed to our city by development.

Allocation of these public benefits provides needed facilities, services, and infrastructure to support growing communities, and helps advance Council’s citywide public amenity and capital plan priorities.

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How amenities funded by development help the city

Amenities funded by development support economic development and ensure that services and infrastructure keep pace with the arrival of new residents, workers, and businesses.

Additional density results in $133 million in public benefits

In 2013, approvals of additional density will result in $133 million in public benefits.

Priority areas where funds have been allocated to date

How much money was allocated Community benefit example

Affordable housing

$63 million (+ 886 secured market rental housing units)

Rezoning of 1300 Richards Street will result in the creation of 81 social housing units and a social service centre to be transferred to the City.

Parks and open spaces (including public art)

$27 million

Rezoning of 1262 Burrard Street resulted in a $2.8 million cash contribution to be allocated to parks and open spaces in the neighbourhood.

Community facilities (including childcare spaces)

$22 million

Rezoning of 1396 Richards Street will create an on-site 37 space childcare centre upon completion.


$13 million  

Eight Heritage Revitalization Agreements will result in on-site heritage preservation at locations throughout the city.

Contributions from development provide new facilities and infrastructure

In addition to supporting a strong economy, public amenities play a key role in making Vancouver one of the most livable and development cities in the world. Delivering and maintaining our extensive recreation system and other key infrastructures that we partner with others— affordable housing, daycares, neighbourhood houses, and cultural spaces— is fundamental to making Vancouver a healthy city for all.

We look to ensure that new development contributes provides community benefits to neighbourhoods where change is occurring by providing new facilities and infrastructure, which is vital to the well-being of residents,. In some cases, money is gathered from several projects to deliver much needed benefits to the city.

Contributions from new development help provide facilities and public benefits such as:

  • Affordable housing 
  • Childcare facilities
  • Community centres
  • Cultural venues
  • Heritage preservation
  • Libraries
  • Parks and public art
  • Public safety
  • Sustainable transportation

Read 2013 annual report

How development helps fund your community

Community benefits from development

New developments help fund infrastructure, services, and public amenities for our growing city so it's liveable for all.

Community Benefits from Development

Download the guide Community Benefits from Development

Get the broader context of our approach to development contributions, and understand what community benefits come with new development in our neighbourhoods.

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