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Cooling Centres are open if you need to get inside

July 6 2015

Downtown Vancouver with smoke in the air

A Metro Vancouver air quality advisory is still in effect in Vancouver because of  high concentrations of fine particulate matter, due to smoke from wildfires outside the region.

Our Cooling Centres, which include air-conditioned community centres and libraries, are open if you need relief from the smoke.

View a list of air-conditioned facilities

How to reduce your personal health risk from the smoke

Consider reducing or rescheduling strenuous activities outdoors if you experience symptoms such as coughing and throat irritation. 

If you have a chronic underlying medical condition, it is recommended that you postpone strenuous exercise or seek air conditioned spaces until the advisory is lifted.

Tips to reduce your personal health risk:

  • Stay in a cool, air-conditioned environment and reduce indoor sources of pollution such as smoking and vacuuming.
  • Take shelter in air-conditioned buildings that have large indoor volumes and limited entry of outdoor air.
  • Avoid areas with heavy vehicle traffic and areas with wood smoke.
  • Continue to manage medical conditions such as asthma and chronic respiratory disease. If symptoms continue to be bothersome, seek medical attention.
  • Run an air cleaner. Some room air cleaners, such as HEPA filters, can help reduce indoor particulate levels.
  • Stay cool and drink plenty of water

Outdoor programs will be adjusted because of smoke

Day camps and other outdoor City programs remain open with adjustments so activities are less strenuous for participants. Staff have been advised to avoid over-exposure as much as possible and to ensure they receive up-to-date health information for all participants registered.

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