Steve Jackson

Steve JacksonGeneral Manager, Parks and Recreation

Steve Jackson brings leadership and proven acumen in corporate and financial sectors to this challenging position.

With a background as a Chartered Professional Accountant, Steve developed foundational knowledge in financial management and governance while working for global accounting firm KPMG, and built on these skills while lead transformational costing and performance measurement projects with CHC Helicopter.

He joined the Park Board in 2016 as the Director of Financial Planning and Analysis and has served in progressively senior roles within the organization, shifting into operations focused positions as Director of Business Services, Deputy General Manager, and Acting General Manager.

Steve is respected as a pragmatic leader focused on results for the public, while leveraging the skills and expertise of teams for efficient delivery.

Notably, he led the challenging financial function at Park Board during the global pandemic, and since then, has brought a lens of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to its operations and unique public sector business areas like attractions and golf courses.

As General Manager, he is committed to the delivery of a half billion dollar capital plan, while helping the staff and elected leaders of Park Board navigate increasingly complex issues like infrastructure renewal, Reconciliation, and the impacts of houselessness and poverty.

Born, raised and educated in Metro Vancouver, Steve has experienced first hand the rapid growth of Vancouver and the surrounding municipalities. Steve spent most of his young life in Burnaby, attended UBC, and now lives in North Vancouver with his wife and two young children.

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