Council approves Women’s Equity Strategy

Ten-year strategy outlines vision to make Vancouver a fair, safe and inclusive city for all women, including self-identified women, and commits to a number of immediate actions

Three woman posing for picture
January 17 2018 –

Today, City Council approved Vancouver: A City For All Women, Women’s Equity Strategy 2018-2028.

The Strategy reflects the City’s vision to make Vancouver a place where all women have full access to the resources provided in the city and have opportunities to fully participate in the political, economic, cultural and social life of Vancouver.

Priority areas

The strategy, which will be rolled out immediately, addresses the issues faced by women in five priority areas:

  • Applying an intersectional lens to strengthen City processes and inform decision-making
  • Addressing safety, including violence against women
  • Accessible, quality childcare
  • Safe and affordable housing
  • Women’s leadership and representation within the City’s workforce

The Strategy has been welcomed by community groups and was supported by 15 speakers at Council. 

“We know that if we want to achieve true gender parity, where women are involved in the decisions that affect their lives, there is still much to be done. I am happy that this strategy is well placed to make progress in crucial areas that impact people on a daily basis. The collaborative approach and the actions laid out for future work will improve women’s equity in Vancouver,” says Tina Strehlke, Interim CEO at Minerva BC.

Speaking about the strategy, City Manager Sadhu Johnston said: “There is no question that there is work needed to ensure equality for women, in Vancouver, as well as the rest of the country. Vancouver: A City for All Women is our 10-year strategy focusing on areas where the City can make a difference. We have a vision of a city where gender is not a barrier to any opportunities or resources and this strategy will help us move towards this goal. In that, we intend to implement the strategy’s actions immediately, including the steps we will take in the Leadership and Representation priority.

Phase 1 Actions

Within each priority area, a number of Phase 1 Actions have been identified for 2018-2019. City staff will coordinate implementation of the Phase 1 Actions and, in consultation with the Women’s Advisory Committee, consider all inputs received during the public and stakeholder consultations as potential actions over the next eight years of the Strategy.

Departments across the City of Vancouver will measure progress and report out regularly. In 2019, City staff will provide a progress report to Council and outline actions for implementation in the next phase of the Strategy. 

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View the full presentation to Council (555 KB)