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CP Rail activities community update

July 22 2015

Railroad crossing

Recently, CP Rail informed residents along the Arbutus Corridor that it intends to restart rail operations along the corridor in the near future, after a 15 year absence.

The City has been very clear that it has major concerns with CPR’s plan and does not support the reactivation of rail activity In June, City staff met with senior officials at Transport Canada in Ottawa to review our serious safety concerns over the reactivation of operations on the Arbutus Corridor.

However, we have been advised by Transport Canada that the railway has the right to operate even though they have not used the corridor for 15 years.

City asks CPR to share its operating plan for Arbutus Corridor

Given the circumstance, the City has been working with both CPR and Transport Canada on how to ensure this activity is as safe as possible while advising both CPR and Transport Canada of our serious concerns.

In the last week we asked CPR to share their operating plan with us so that we could take whatever action is possible and appropriate to protect residents and minimize disruption to access to east-west arterials given this corridor has 46 intersections along its length.

We do not have a firm date from CPR for their restart of rail activity, but we have requested that we receive a minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure residents can be advised.