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Disaster support hub signs installed at 25 locations

April 26 2016

Disaster support hubs logo

Disaster support hub signs are now installed at 25 locations throughout the city indicating sites where people can gather following an earthquake.

In the hours and days after an earthquake, emergency service personnel will be responding to high-priority incidents.

During that time, families, neighbours, and community organizations will need to self-organize and help each other.

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Hubs a place to coordinate efforts

“Everyone has a role to play in making sure we can respond and recover from disasters such as an earthquake,” says Sadhu Johnston, Vancouver City Manager.

“Disaster Support Hubs empower Vancouverites to work together, to plan, and prepare before an emergency, so that they are able to coordinate efforts and offer assistance to other members of their community when one occurs.” 

How to use hubs in an emergency

Disaster support hubs can be used to:

  • Meet up with family, friends, and neighbours after an emergency
  • Coordinate community response and support efforts
  • Share information, resources, and supplies 

“After a major disaster strikes, neighbourhoods and communities that organize to help and support each other are often the first to recover,” says Daniel Stevens, Director of Emergency Management. “Disaster support hubs help enable a community-led response to take place.” 

There are 25 designated locations across Vancouver where citizens can gather to support each other following an earthquake or other disaster and where the City will prioritize delivering post-disaster support services for all types of emergencies.

About the hub locations

The 25 sites were chosen because they are at or near locations where people can gather safely outside if facilities are damaged and where staff and volunteers will be able to provide post-disaster support.

Each site is easily identified with yellow signs. 

As part of the year-one update to the Earthquake Preparedness Strategy in February 2015, installing disaster support hub signs was a priority action.

Emergency Preparedness Week Kick-off event at Science World

This year, for the first time ever, the City of Vancouver is partnering with Science World to kick off Emergency Preparedness Week with a free two-day event at the TELUS World of Science.

The two-day interactive event on April 29 and 30 features emergency preparedness activities, booths, and displays, as well as the Shake Zone earthquake simulator sponsored by the Insurance Bureau of Canada.