Do you want to advise the City on its Budget? You can.

September 6 2019 –

The City of Vancouver is inviting everyone who lives or works in Vancouver to get involved to help guide the priorities and related spending for Vancouver Budget 2020.

This year, the City has extended the feedback timeframe and added new initiatives, both to engage with more people and to increase civic awareness of the City’s budget process. 

How to get involved

There are a variety of ways people can give feedback on the priorities and the overall budget, including:

  • In-person at community centres, libraries, and pop-ups: City staff will be available at community centres and locations across the city. Find out more
  • By taking the TalkVan survey: Anyone who lives or owns a business in Vancouver is invited to answer a short survey online – Chinese language versions also available.
  • Online at Learn about how the City builds the budget, what it takes to run the City, where residents’ tax dollars go and more at
  • On social media: Ask the City budget-related questions or learn more about the process on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Weibo.
  • Online webinar: Closer to the release of the proposed 2020 budget, City staff will hold a public webinar. Watch the City’s events calendar for the timing.

Budget 2020 priorities

In July, City Council approved the 2020-2024 Budget Outlook (923 KB), which includes Council’s priorities for alignment of spending for the next year’s budget, both in terms of ongoing work, as well as for new projects and initiatives in response to Council motions and direction.

The primary priority is to maintain and improve the core services that meet the needs of residents. Four additional priorities will also guide City staff’s development of departmental service plans and budgets; these priorities are:

  • Accelerate action on climate change
  • Address affordability and the housing crisis
  • Increase focus on diversity and critical social issues
  • Protect and build our economy

What the City has heard so far 

The 2019 Civic Service Satisfaction Survey (533 KB) was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs in May and asked residents and business owners to rate their satisfaction with the City’s services, and to provide their input about the issues that are most important to them.

Learn more about this year’s budget process