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Draino McDrainface voted the “gratest” catch basin name by Vancouver residents

December 19 2017 Over 1,150 catch basins adopted since launch of Adopt a Catch Basin program

Mother and son clearing a street catch basin

Residents have placed their votes for their favourite catch basin names in the City of Vancouver’s “Grate” Catch Basin Naming Contest and Draino McDrainface reigns supreme in the great tradition of “Mc-asset” naming. 

  • First place: Draino McDrainface
  • Second place: Drain Wetsky
  • Third place: Make Vancouver Grate Again 

Over 650 votes were cast online for the dozens of funny and punny names entered into the contest from November 20 to December 8, 2017. During that time, another 150 catch basins were adopted by loving residents around town, bringing the total number of adopted catch basins to over 1,150. 

Help reduce flooding in your neighbourhood

The naming contest was held to bring attention to the City’s new Adopt a Catch Basin program that invites residents to pick a catch basin near their home or business, and keep it free of leaves, debris and litter to help reduce flooding in Vancouver neighbourhoods. 

The winner receives a $200 Mountain Equipment Co-op gift card for rain gear and an official adoption certificate. First runner up, Drain Wetksy, will receive a $100 gift certificate for rain boots and second runner up, Make Vancouver Grate Again, will take home a limited edition City of Vancouver umbrella with wayfinding map inside. 

Since the launch of the Adopt a Catch Basin program, over 1,150 catch basins have been adopted across the City. Residents can go to www.adoptacatchbasin.ca  to adopt today, and see what clever names have been chosen for catch basins around town.