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Early results of Green Bin Program exceed expectations - Initial participation rates 60 per cent higher than program goal

June 28 2013

"These are encouraging early results and put Vancouver one step closer to meeting our Greenest City goals"

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Participation in Vancouver’s Green Bin Program has almost tripled since it launched this spring, resulting in a decrease of approximately 2,380 tonnes of residential garbage. Early results show that participation in areas that have switched over to the new schedule has increased rapidly and continues to grow, with participation 60 per cent higher than the program’s original goal. As a result, Vancouver residents’ food scraps recycling efforts are significantly reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

“These are encouraging early results and put Vancouver one step closer to meeting our Greenest City goals,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Almost 40 per cent of the garbage we send to the landfill is food scraps. Our Green Bin Program will help residents in houses and duplexes divert up to an additional 20,000 tonnes of food scraps away from our landfill each year, and reduce our climate pollution by up to 3000 tonnes per year.” 

This reduction in garbage is an important step in the City’s efforts to prepare for the regional ban on organic waste going to landfill, which comes into effect across Metro Vancouver in 2015.

To date, 84,000 of the households included in the program have undergone the collection service change, with Green Bins and Blue Boxes now being emptied every week, and garbage bins emptied every other week. By July this year, all of the 105,000 homes currently included in the Green Bin Program will be on the new collection schedule. A food scraps recycling program for multi-unit buildings is expected to be presented to council this year.

Residents can sign up for free, regular Green Bin and garbage day alerts via phone, email or text message with the City’s Recollect collection reminder service.

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