English Bay oil spill cleanup begins this afternoon

People cleaning up oil spill on beach
April 10 2015 –

The Federal Government has advised us that the formal oil spill recovery and cleanup on the shoreline will begin this afternoon around 2:00pm. Initial efforts in Vancouver will be concentrated in English Bay and Stanley Park. This will require a temporary closure of the seawall around Siwash Rock.

Shoreline cleanup to be coordinated by WCMRC

The Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) as directed by the Canadian Coast Guard will be coordinating the shoreline cleanup and our staff will assist as required.
The federal agencies have advised us that cleanup efforts will involve crews in protective gear with special expertise in oil recovery and for now there is no involvement needed for possible volunteers.
We appreciate the thousands of offers of help from those wanting to volunteer and are impressed by the passion everyone has shown for our beaches and wildlife. We will continue to work with the federal and provincial authorities to find ways our volunteers can help as the cleanup continues.

Signage on beaches are cautioning people to stay out of the water

We urge you to stay away from the foreshore and keep pets out of the water. This morning the Park Board placed signage on many of our beaches, cautioning people to stay out of the water and refrain from cleanup efforts.
Park Board Rangers are assisting the contracted wildlife rescue group with bird rescues. At this time, we have been informed that several oiled birds have been taken to a refuge for treatment.
Park Board Rangers continue to patrol the beaches with provincial partners from the Ministry of the Environment, focusing on impact assessment and public education.

Thank you for your commitment and passion for our beaches and natural environments.