City Hall

Events, decisions, and reports at City Council for the week of June 21

June 25 2021 –

Vancouver City Council met electronically this week to hear and discuss a variety of topics during Council, Public Hearing and Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities meetings. 

Tuesday, June 22

This week Council approved the following presentation recommendations, communications, unfinished business, reports, referral reports, by-laws and new business:

Agenda item Towards a Quieter and Emission-Free Landscape Maintenance Equipment Future in Vancouver (Previously Motion B2) (83 KB) was ruled out of order. 

Council referred the following items to the Standing Committee meeting on Wednesday, June 23, at 9:30am:

Council referred Contract Award for the Provision of Parking Meter Equipment (42 KB) back to staff.

Next, Council approved the staff recommendation to not refer CD-1 Rezoning: 1850 Main Street (1.5 MB) to Public Hearing.

Wednesday, June 23

During the Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities meeting, Council approved the following agenda items after hearing from members from the public: 

Next, Council approved the following items: 

Council also heard from 13 speakers then approved HP-PNE Master Plan Program - Amphitheatre Renewal (1.3 MB) with an amendment.   

The meeting recessed until the following day. 

Thursday, June 24

During the continuation of the Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities meeting, Council approved the following agenda items after hearing from members from the public: 

The next Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 6, at 9:30 am. Find agendas and meeting reports on


Councillor Christine Boyle

“The PNE Amphitheatre Renewal is an exciting opportunity for Vancouver to support the arts and culture sector through the development of a publicly owned, clean energy building, that will employ hundreds of local residents, and support small and large shows of local and visiting performers,” said Councillor Christine Boyle. “It was great to hear support from local neighbours, the arts and tourism sectors, labour leaders, and more. This is a public investment that will benefit Vancouver for decades to come.”

Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung

“A new Amphitheatre at the PNE is an incredibly exciting project,” said Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung. “Seeing concerts and shows at the Amphitheatre is quintessentially Vancouver. A new high quality year-round outdoor venue for concerts, festivals and events will address the critical shortage of musical performance space in our city, take capacity up to 9,340 seats and extend usage year-round, while still offering a magical outdoor venue. The business case is strong with full payback of City fronted capital, but what can’t be quantified are the priceless experiences and memories that will be created for new generations of music lovers. Our local music and cultural sector was so hard hit by the pandemic. This new purpose-built venue will help reduce set-up costs with its amazing new back-of-house infrastructure, and it supports economic and cultural recovery. The only thing not to like about this project is the timeline which anticipates completion in 2026, which is why I amended the report to ask all parties to work together to try to expedite the new venue and get it done faster.”