The doors of City Hall in Vancouver

Events, decisions, and reports at City Council this week

July 9 2020 –

Vancouver City Council met electronically this week to hear and discuss a variety of topics during Council, Public Hearing, and Standing Committee on City Finance and Services meetings.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 

On Tuesday, staff presented to Council on Climate Emergency Response - Accelerated Actions & Greenest City Action Plan Update (5 MB).

Council also received a staff presentation (3.5 MB) on 2020 Transportation Safety Update (716 KB). After asking staff questions and hearing from speakers, this was approved with amendments.

Several other reports, by-laws, and an administrative motion were approved:

Council then began to consider the motion Ending Street Checks in Vancouver (18 KB)

Due to time constraints, Ending Street Checks in Vancouver (18 KB) and the following motions were not dealt with, and will be scheduled for the next Council meeting on Tuesday, July 21:

On Tuesday evening, a Public Hearing was held.

After hearing from speakers, the following items were approved:

After hearing from four speakers on AMENDMENTS to the False Creek Area Plan for Area 10B (62 KB), Council referred questions to staff, debate and decision to the Council meeting following the Standing Committee on City Finance and Services meeting on Wednesday, July 8.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Standing Committee on City Finance and Services meeting began by approving the Contract Award for Supply and Maintenance of Sewage Heat Recovery Heat Pump (59 KB).

Staff gave a presentation (2 MB) to Council on the 2021-2025 Budget Outlook (642 KB). After asking staff questions and hearing from three speakers, Council debated and approved this with amendments.

Council then considered AMENDMENTS to the False Creek Area Plan for Area 10B (65 KB), which was referred from Tuesday’s Public Hearing. After asking staff questions and debate, this was approved. 

The next Public Hearing meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 9, at 6pm.


Councillor Christine Boyle

Regarding 2020 Transportation Safety Update

“I’m glad to see us making changes to improve traffic safety around schools, including making speed reduction rules apply seven days a week. This is an issue that School Trustee Jennifer Reddy and I brought forward to the City and the School Board in tandem last year, and that we continue to hear from parents about. Safety for kids and other vulnerable residents, along with getting more people out of cars, should be our top transportation priorities.”

Regarding Ending Street Checks in Vancouver

“I was frustrated to see two important Council motions - on banning street checks and on reallocating funds to support community safety - get stalled out by two weeks. The public, and particularly Black and Indigenous residents, have been clear that these are critical issues they expect us to act on. We have a responsibility to continue to tackle systemic racism across the city and within our public institutions. Banning street checks is an important step in that direction, and I strongly support it.”

Regarding 2021-2025 Budget Outlook

“Budgets are a reflection of our values and our priorities – that will again be the case for Council. I won’t support cuts to public libraries, or to climate action, or to critical equity and anti-racism work. In the midst of a crisis, austerity and lay-offs only make things worse. Now is the time to invest in communities made vulnerable, and to prioritize a just recovery for all.”

Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung

Regarding Alignment of Occupancy Limits between Building and Fire By-laws

“Aligning Vancouver’s Fire Bylaw with the BC Bylaw creates a level playing field ensuring the number of allowable liquor people/seat capacity for an establishment is the same as for businesses in the rest of BC, and not lower as it has been historically because Vancouver had its own code. 

“I was also pleased to bring amendments to review Vancouver’s moratoria on new liquor seats, so that existing businesses can actually benefit from the updated Fore Bylaw change. Otherwise, the change would be moot.

“This is an example of how being business friendly and simplifying regulations makes a difference to our local operators and our local economy.”

Councillor Pete Fry

Regarding Alignment of Occupancy Limits between Building and Fire By-laws

“Aligning Vancouver occupancy limits with the BC Fire Code will give local hospitality businesses a bit of a leg-up as we struggle to recover from COVID. Along with Councillor Kirby-Yung, happy to introduce some thoughtful amendments to look at cost recovery and a revisit and exception of liquor primary moratoria downtown.”

Regarding 2020 Transportation Safety Update

“Some really great work by city staff on the Transportation Safety Update. The proposed more purposeful approaches to school zone safety and neighbourhood traffic management reinforce council’s priority for slower safer streets in our city. Incredibly hopeful around work with the Province to pilot slow zones with blanket speed limit reductions, the success of this project will hopefully result changes to the Motor Vehicle Act that will allow local governments to affect local roads that are safer and more comfortable for all users and residents.”