The doors of City Hall in Vancouver

Events, decisions, and reports at City Council this week

September 17 2020 –

Vancouver City Council met electronically this week to hear and discuss a variety of topics during Council, Public Hearing, and Standing Committee on City Finance and Services meetings. A Special Council meeting was also held on the previous Friday, September 11.

Special Council Meeting

A Special Council meeting was held on Friday, September 11, and continued on Monday, September 14. After Council discussion and hearing from speakers, the Emergency COVID-19 Relief for Unsheltered Vancouver Residents (19 KB) motion was approved with amendments.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

On Tuesday, Mayor and Council approved the following staff reports:

For information, Council received the staff report Advisory Committees – Expense Reimbursement and Enhanced Training and Childminding at Council and Advisory Committee Meetings (169 KB).

Staff then gave a presentation (1.5 MB) to Council on Amendments to Vehicles for Hire By-law - Private Impoundment Towing Rates (169 KB). After hearing from one speaker, this was approved.

Council approved the following items, after asking staff questions:

The following by-laws and motions were also approved at the meeting:

The following motions were withdrawn:

At the Public Hearing, which took place on Tuesday evening, the following items were approved:

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

At the Standing Committee meeting on City Finance and Services, staff gave a presentation (2 MB) on the 2019 - 2022 Capital Plan Recalibration (5 MB). After asking staff questions and hearing from two speakers, Council approved this with amendments.

Then, Council heard from staff and 10 speakers on Granville Bridge Connector and Drake Street Improvements (31 MB). Due to time constraints, discussion and debate for this motion were referred to the reconvening Standing Committee meeting on September 29.

Council then considered Extending Pop-Up Patios this fall and winter and Making Pop-Up Patios a Part of Every Summer in Vancouver (25 KB). After hearing from 11 speakers, this was approved.

Due to time constraints, and so that speakers can be heard, these motions were referred to the reconvening Standing Committee on September 29:

The next Public Hearing meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 17, at 6pm.


Councillor Jean Swanson

Regarding Reduced-Fare Transit Pilot Project

“The transit research project that passed on Tuesday is a good first baby step toward getting free transit for youth and lower income folks.  I hope people will keep pushing their politicians until everyone in our city can go where they want and need to go and not be stopped by lack of money.”

Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung

Regarding Extending Pop-Up Patios this fall and winter and Making Pop-Up Patios a part of every summer in Vancouver

“I’m so glad Council supported my motion in its entirety to keep Vancouver’s extended patios going after October 31 and give restaurants the flexibility to winterize patios with weather protection and heating, as well as continue pop-up patios next summer. 

"We've heard from so many restaurateurs, craft breweries and industry reps that the program has literally been a lifeline for these beloved small businesses, and they literally wouldn’t still be here without it. It’s also kept people employed mitigating further job losses.

“We’ve also heard that people love the vibrancy and new street culture, and to be able to eat and socialize safely outdoors during these stressful times. We don’t want to lose that and see more social isolation happen as we head into the cooler weather with continued COVID-19 restrictions. 

“I’m also excited to put a continued focus on enhanced public spaces as the motion calls for weather protection on the pop-up plazas to continue giving people places to connect safely outdoors with friends and neighbours.”