The doors of City Hall in Vancouver

Events decisions and reports at Council this week

April 3 2019 –

Following Spring Break, Council reconvened this week with a busy agenda including Regular Council, two Public Hearings and Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities. Decisions and details of the meetings to date are outlined below:

Regular Council – April 2

Council began with the Mayor recognizing the outstanding service of Fire Captain Steve Letourneau with the presentation of a 35-Year Service Medal. Captain Letourneau served at all of Vancouver’s 20 firehalls before his career was cut unexpectedly short by work-related cancer.

Council approved three administrative reports on consent:

Staff presented the Housing Vancouver Annual Progress Report  (2.3 MB), Data Book  (6.8 MB) and Dashboard  (259 KB), including the news that a record number of new homes have been created in Vancouver over the last two years. Read our news release for more information.

Council debated a report on the City Sponsorship Policy  (280 KB) before sending it back to staff

Council approved the enactment of two by-laws and amendments to another seven, as well as approving two administrative motions. To view the approved by-laws, click here for items 1-6  (539 KB) and here for items 7-9  (1.9 MB).

The motion requesting Review of SNC-Lavalin Relationship with the City of Vancouver was referred to the April 23rd Council meeting.

Public Hearing – April 2

Council heard from speakers and debated the following motions:

Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities - April 3

Council approved the following matters:

Following an amendment, Council approved the 2019 Cultural Grant Allocations  (374 KB). For further information on this decision, read our information bulletin.

After hearing from two speakers, Council unanimously approved an amended version of the motion requesting Support for Adequate Funding for Legal Aid  (19 KB).

Council approved an amended version of the motion Making the Case for Housing All people Counted as Homeless in Shelters or on the Street  (21 KB).

After hearing from 18 speakers regarding Re-Conceptualizing the City’s Rental 100 Program  (36 KB), Council voted to refer the motion to staff for further consideration ahead of the Housing Update Policy Report to Council later this year.

A Public Hearing will be held tonight to discuss several rezoning proposals. You can keep up-to-date with this meeting by watching the live broadcast or following the @VanCityClerk Twitter account.