Vancouver City Hall

Events, decisions and reports at Council this week

April 4 2019 –

Following Spring Break, Council reconvened this week with a busy agenda including Regular Council, two Public Hearings and Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities.

Decisions and details of the meetings to date are outlined below.

Regular Council – April 2

Council began with the Mayor recognizing the outstanding service of Fire Captain Steve Letourneau with the presentation of a 35-Year Service Medal. Captain Letourneau served at all of Vancouver’s 20 firehalls before his career was cut unexpectedly short by work-related cancer.

Council approved three administrative reports on consent:

Other agenda items:

For more information read the agenda.

Public Hearing – April 2

Council heard from speakers and debated the following motions:

For more information read the agenda.

Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities - April 3

Council approved the following matters:

Following an amendment, Council approved the 2019 Cultural Grant Allocations (363 MB). For further information on this decision, read our information bulletin.

A Public Hearing will be held tonight to discuss several rezoning proposals. You can keep up-to-date with this meeting by watching the live broadcast  or following the @VanCityClerk Twitter account.