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Extended patio hours – it's that time of year again

April 28 2016

People on patio

Restaurants with patios can now apply to keep their outdoor spaces open until 1:00am.

Longer patio hours will run until October.

Application details

Currently, there are more than 300 patios around the city that are eligible for the extension. 

Businesses are required to have:

  • Up-to-date insurance 
  • All fees paid in full
  • No patio noise complaints on file in the last 12 months

Your business is subject to the conditions of your liquor permit.

Apply online

Patios on private property

For restaurants with patios located on private property, contact Planning and Development Services at 604-873-7611 to apply for a development permit to extend patio hours.

About extended patio hours

This extended time builds on the success of previous years which saw approximately 200 applications approved to keep restaurant patios open later than usual.

In 2013, we launched a Patio Hours Extension Pilot Program allowing approved restaurants to serve patio customers until 12:00 midnight daily to enhance the patio experience for customers and enliven Vancouver’s streets.

In 2014, the pilot program increased due to uptake and interest, and restaurants were allowed to extend their patio hours until 1:00am.

Establishments with good track records are welcome to once again invite their patrons to enjoy Vancouver’s fresh air later into the evening.