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Fall street leaf cleaning to begin this week

November 14 2016

Prepare leaves for City of Vancouver collection programs

With most of our tree canopy now bare, our crews will begin to sweep and clear leaves from streets starting this week. Do your part by following all temporary "no parking" signs that will be posted the day before cleaning activities.

If temporary "no parking" signs are posted, move your vehicles to another spot before 7:00am on the date indicated. It is very important that vehicles are moved as it allows our crews to do a much better job of clearing all of the leaves from the street. Vehicles that aren't moved may be towed to a nearby location or ticketed. Vehicles with a SPARC permit will be returned to the same location once the street cleaning is completed.

Crews will initially focus on streets with higher volumes of leaves and may do one or two passes with the sweeper.

View the leaf removal map and schedule

Don't rake leaves onto the sidewalk, catch basin, bike lane, or street – this can cause flooding and it's a safety hazard to people walking and cycling.

Residential leaf collection

Rake leaves that fall on your property, the sidewalk, catch basin, or boulevard, and add them to your Green Bin.

Place extra leaves that don't fit in your Green Bin in paper yard waste bags or store-bought bins and set them out on the following weekends for extra leaf collection:

  • November 19 to 20
  • December 10 to 11
  • January 14 to 15, 2017 (Christmas trees will also be collected)

Leaves in plastic bags aren't accepted. Set your extra leaves out for collection before 7:00am on the scheduled Saturday.

Get collection reminders with VanCollect

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Disposing of leaves on boulevards or City property (including parks) is illegal dumping, and can result in a fine of up to $10,000.