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Help us identify Flats questions, challenges, and opportunities

Red Truck Brewery in False Creek Flats

False Creek Flats planning workshop: Working in the Flats

This is the first in a series of six introductory workshops designed to help frame the conversations in the False Creek Flats planning process. These workshops will help identify the big questions that we need to address for a successful plan, as well as begin to brainstorm potential solutions to the challenges and opportunities in the area.

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Date and time

June 9 2015, 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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National Works Yard, 701 National Avenue



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Workshop theme

Industrial land is in short supply in Vancouver.

This reality, combined with the pressures placed on employment land in general, has led to the creation of regional and local policy that reserves key areas of the region for employment uses. The bulk of the Flats is protected under these policies and is identified as either industrial, or mixed-employment.

Within these designations, tremendous flexibility is possible for the form that development takes in order to maximize the economic potential of each specific area.

So in light of this, some of the key questions for the False Creek Flats Planning Project are:

  • How can the Flats best accommodate further densification of jobs in Vancouver's urban core while contributing to the city's broader economic vision of a high-performing and innovative economy?
  • What does a truly thriving inner-city industrial district look like?
  • What built form best supports employment intensification in the Flats?
  • What types of spaces are needed to house a flexible and robust economy for the future of the area?

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