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FCM launches national The Great Canadian Infrastructure Challenge

November 14 2012

Crew performing road work

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has been working closely with the FCM membership and the federal government in the development of a new national Long-Term Infrastructure Plan (LTIP) that will help address the very serious infrastructure deficit that local governments in Canada are currently facing. As part of that effort, the FCM has developed a campaign titled The Great Canadian Infrastructure Challenge.

Get involved in The Great Canadian Infrastructure Challenge

Get involved in the national debate around the state of roads, transit systems and other municipal infrastructure that millions of us rely upon in our daily lives. Add your support for cleaner drinking water, shorter commute times and expert treatment of wastewater across Canada:

Improving Vancouver's infrastructure

Dunsmuir bike lane, © Paul Krueger

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Taking care of the environment, taking care of our future.

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