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First boardwalk in Stanley Park will restore area’s ecological health

June 11 2013

Cathedral Trail boardwalk in Stanley Park

Stanley Park’s first boardwalk is now open!

The Cathedral Trail boardwalk, which is located just north of the Lost Lagoon stone bridge in Stanley Park, will restore the area's ecological health by improving the flow of water, nutrients and animals, and reconnecting a divided wetland.

The 75-metre-long elevated boardwalk is made out of western red cedar and replaces a gravel path in one of the most biologically rich sites in Stanley Park. It will help protect plants and soil from being trampled, while improving drainage and allowing for the increased movement of small mammals and amphibians. In addition, the boardwalk improves pedestrian safety as it now links to a visible crosswalk.

A second smaller boardwalk has been built at Tunnel Trail near Stanley Park Drive and Pipeline Road. It will provide an important link from the seawall to the interior of the park. There are also plans to build a third boardwalk to protect and preserve the bog at Beaver Lake.

The need for a boardwalk system to control access to and address fragmentation of sensitive habitat was identified in the Stanley Park Ecological Action Plan.

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