Vancouver Park Board increases access to green space with first pop-up park

March 8 2016

The Vancouver Park Board has approved a new temporary pop-up park in the Burrard Slopes area of Fairview neighbourhood to be completed by the fall.

A concept plan for the park at the southeast corner of 5th Avenue and Pine Street was approved at a Board meeting last night. The park is located in the same block as the recently completed park at West 6th Avenue and Fir Street.

“This pop-up park is in response to the need for more green space in a neighbourhood that’s increasing in density. It will be temporary until a larger permanent park is built,” said Vancouver Park Board Chair Sarah Kirby-Yung.

View the park concept plan

Features include bird and bee houses

The new 1,300 m² (0.3 acre) park will feature bird and bee houses, plants for pollinators, edible plants, outdoor seating, and long tables (with wood from large fir timbers milled from a fallen tree in Stanley Park), while demonstrating sustainability practices including a rainwater cistern.

The Board is currently exploring partnerships with the educational community for the design and construction of the bird and bee houses.

The pop-up park, which will open later this year, supports the Park Board’s Biodiversity Strategy.

Planning work on the larger park will begin in 2019. Efforts will be made to repurpose materials from the pop-up park into the permanent park.