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Flexible and adaptable public plaza planned for 800 Robson

December 7 2016

Concept illustration of plaza at 800 Robson Street looking west

Today we released a high-level design concept for the future plaza at 800 Robson Street.

The design concept was informed by feedback we received from residents, businesses, visitors, plaza users, area partners, and stakeholders during consultation.

The concept is meant to be flexible and adaptable to accommodate the wide range of uses on the site.

Staff will present the design concept to City Council on December 14.

Between September 12 and December 5 we engaged and consulted with over 2,200 people through various methods. We heard a broad range of ideas and suggestions for the plaza design and use.

We expect to start building the plaza in 2017.

Design concept highlights

In addition to reinforcing the citywide and regional significance of this space, the design concept:

  1. Ensures the space remains highly flexible and responsive to accommodate a wide variety of uses and events, while maintaining passage through the space
  2. Creates a single level surface by filling in the road with pavers that are consistent with the surrounding Robson Square
  3. Defines the block ends with street furniture and landscaping

800 Robson plaza design concept and illustration

By City of Vancouver


  • Emerging design concept

    By City of Vancouver

  • Concept looking west from 800 Robson mid-block

    By City of Vancouver

  • Concept looking west from Howe St

    By City of Vancouver

The design for the plaza will be integrated into the surrounding street network through improvements to:

  • 700- and 900-blocks of Robson Street towards Burrard and Granville streets
  • Hornby Street towards Smithe and West Georgia streets

By levelling the street, defining the block ends, and improving the connection with adjacent blocks and intersections, the design creates a consistent base to add:

  1. Movable and permanent seating, lighting, signage, bike parking, public bike share, and other street furniture
  2. Access to site services like power and water to support events, public art, street vending, and food carts
  3. Two fully-accessible, automated public washrooms in the North Plaza on West Georgia Street and on the 700-block of Robson Street
  4. Signs to help navigate and promote key attractions and elements


The project will cost approximately $6.5 million and covers:

  • Detailed plaza design and construction
  • Development and implementation of the plaza stewardship strategy
  • Improvements to the 700- and 900-blocks of Robson Street as well as Hornby Street

We'll continue with public engagement as we carry out this project.

Earlier this year, Vancouver City Council voted to create a permanent, city-serving destination plaza at 800 Robson Street that reflects the diversity of Vancouver and its people.